Startup of the week: SmartPixels, 3D you can touch.

SmartPixels, 3D you can touch.


Startup SmartPixels specialises in projection augmented reality.

Products and channels for communication and interaction

Turning objects into screens is the aim of the start-up SmartPixels created in 2015 by Jérémy Verdo (HEC, Polytechnique) and Julien Berta (Télécom). “It’s about moving digital usage and interactivity into the real world and onto the product,” explains Samuel Burlac, Business Developer at SmartPixels, “And it’s all about projection augmented reality!”

This unique product offering has three main goals:

– Pass on messages by attracting people’s attention. “Today fewer and fewer people pay attention to screens as they are everywhere,” notes Samuel Burlac, “An object which “comes alive” on its own is much more impressive! The goal is to attract people’s attention but also to tell a story, inform the public about products and services offered or about a particular business or brand’s vision.”
– Adapt to increasingly smaller store sizes and be able to show a whole collection on just one object using projection augmented reality.
– Give brands the means to show customers what a product might look like once personalised, and thereby inform them that it’s in fact possible to personalise items!
– “Whether it’s a Dior bag, Nike trainers or Berluti shoes, customers can see the product in an interactive way before it’s even created,” explains Samuel Burlac, “This can reassure the consumer and make their decisions easier.”


Business intelligence

Icing on the cake? SmartPixels also allows clients to control and update their content on a platform. “Conversely, SmartPixels collects useful data on consumer behaviour via the site,” adds Samuel Burlac, “If a collection comes out in several countries, we can show the most popular products, allowing the client to optimise stock levels and sales.”


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The SmartPixels team

Support brands in digitising points of sale

Have SmartPixels clients already been tempted by the appeal of projection augmented reality? Moët Hennessy was the first to work with the start-up and launch a sizeable project (in Tokyo, Las Vegas and Paris), but Nike has also collaborated (experimenting on the Champs Elysées and Les Halles in Paris), as have Berluti (first experience at the store on Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré), Christian Dior, The Kooples, Swatch, Chloé…
In France, the company is clearly a success. And its sights are set on conquering the American and Asian markets.

Rather than positioning itself within the events sector, SmartPixels wants to offer a more sustainable service. “We don’t aim to install a shop window for just six months but rather to have machines robust enough to stay in place for several years, evolving alongside collections and product launches,” explains Samuel Burlac. “We want to support brands in digitising their points of sale.”

Altavia: a gateway to the right people at the right companies

SmartPixels and Altavia have recently decided to form a partnership and things are already looking positive. “When you’re as small as we are, it’s not easy to make yourself heard,” admits Samuel Burlac, “On our own we could spend years meeting the right people at the wrong companies and the wrong people at the right companies! So for us, Altavia represents a gateway to the right people at the right companies.”