Soyooz, help the client choose THE right product for them

Soyooz, help the client choose THE right product for them


Recently, Altavia began a partnership with the Laval start-up Soyooz, a recommendation specialist. Interview with Soyooz CEO, Olivier Pistiaux

It all began…

In 2012. It should be noted that trying to buy a high-tech product on the internet often turns out to be a long and painful process. Not everybody is an expert in the field and the vast array of possibilities doesn’t exactly help. Technical specification documents –which can seem boring to read – and filters – which also require some skill to use – are not always much help. The internet shopper winds up deciding based on the price, a criterion that is not very relevant to making a good choice.

After three years of R&D, we have implemented a technology that guides clients based on their usage. In the beginning, Soyooz only covered high-tech products, we have since expanded into other fields.


Tell us more about the concept developed by Soyooz.

We are recommendation specialists. With the help of artificial intelligence, Soyooz plays the role of a personalised salesperson who helps the customer define their needs, selects products for them and explains why they’ve made a good choice opting for a given article.

For this, it’s enough to answer a few simple questions about their use habits or their tastes (when it comes to, for example, wines or décor) so that Soyooz pinpoints the user’s needs in a few seconds.


How can a user access Soyooz’s services?

We’re available on all customer relations interfaces, via the brand or store’s chatbot, website or app. For the Foire aux Vins 2017, for example, we developed a virtual assistant for Carrefour, programmed to be a real wine expert. Customers were thus able to be helped during their search and make their choices quicker, among the more than 1000 bottles available. Other examples? The Soyooz module used by Samsung so that MySamsung members can discover products that match their needs easily.


How would you sum up the past year?

This was a year filled with new things, in particular the launch of the first chatbots, which we trained to be expert salespeople in their fields and capable of responding to multiple questions. In my opinion, it’s a segment with a bright future!

On the business sides of things, we expanded our product offerings to the auto and industry sectors. We’re already present in the high-tech, food, finance and DIY sectors…

One of our major challenges in the next few months will be exports, as well as the development of our solutions internationally.


Where does the name “Soyooz” come from?

We wanted a name that evoked the idea of “use”. But actually, to go against the grain of what a lot of people do nowadays, choosing an English word, we thought we would choose a Russian one instead. In Russian, “Soyooz” means Union.


How do you see this partnership with Altavia?

For us, it represents the opportunity to reach new customers, while for its part, Altavia can improve relationships with customers by offering them an innovative solution.  With a segment with as bright a future as chatbots, I’m sure there will be lots to do together!