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A Finnish start-up specialising in optimisation and automation of advertising campaigns on social networks, was founded in 2013 by Kristo Ovaska and Tuomo Riekki. Today, it has a staff of 350 employees in 17 countries. Presentation of a company you can already count on!

Retailers have been able to depend on the start-up for several years to automate their manual and repetitive communication tasks. This is an invaluable help when you’ve got a catalogue containing millions of referenced products and you’re trying to create a campaign on Facebook Business Manager and run local ads.


“The major challenge wanted to meet was this: how can you customise ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest on a large scale; and how do you then broadcast them to get the optimal results? “, explains Florian le clerc de la Herverie, Country Manager – France.’s core business is thus represented by a platform, which includes two aspects: a component offering creative customisation solutions (images and videos); and a diffusion component, offering automated optimisation and reporting tools”.



Once upon a time, there was

It all started in 2012, when Facebook launched its news feed format. “Advertisers – especially in the gaming world – saw this as a great opportunity to acquire new members on the platform, says Florian Le clerc de la Herverie. But the functionalities offered by the platform were ultimately quite limited in relation to their sector of activity. The two founders of, who at the time also worked in the gaming world, thought that this was an opportunity to create a solution to easily create and optimise campaigns on Facebook”.


Everything was accelerating in 2015 when a partnership was signed with Rocket Internet, a German company linked to start-ups such as Zalando and HelloFresh. “The idea was therefore, for, to support these brands, which used our platform, to develop at high speed internationally, recalls le clerc de la Herverie. E-commerce and retail then naturally came to us”.


Since its creation, has managed more than 1.8 billion Facebook budgets on its platform, making it one of the most important partners of the social network. and retail

Among its French clients, the start-up now includes La Redoute, Fnac-Darty, Intersport, Quitoque and Greenweez (Carrefour Group).


A few months ago, opened its first offices in France. “The business started off well, in a very rewarding situation, recalls le clerc de la Herverie  We received an award at the Paris Retail Week as well as the Start-up of the Year award2018, awarded by the Institut du Commerce Connecté (ICC), on the Connected Day.”


Internationally, Walmart, eBay, Carrefour and other use the platform offered by and Altavia

A partnership has recently been established between the Finnish start-up and the Altavia group. “ brings its technology to support retailers in their digital transformation and help them better understand and automate their strategy on networks such as FB, Instagram or Pinterest, argues le clerc de la Herverie. Not long ago, for example, we had an appointment with the Facebook teams to explain how to digitise flyers using our solutions. For its part, Altavia is a group that has been in business for a long time, closely in touch with retailers’ issues and with a thorough knowledge of the market. It brings a network and its business knowledge”.


A collaboration to follow closely and which will contribute to the success in meeting the next major challenges. What are’s objectives in the coming months? To develop retail and e-commerce customers and further support advertisers in customising videos on a large scale. Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve concluded a partnership with Pinterest.