SimpliField, putting field teams at the heart of the customer experience

SimpliField, putting field teams at the heart of the customer experience


SimpliField is spearheading a mobile solution enabling brand and retailer teams to offer their customers a perfect in-store experience.

Based in Lille and Paris, the French start-up has been developing its business over the past four years. Four years during which the mobile application that SimpliField created has enabled brands and retailers to become more efficient and increase their turnover. Four years during which the number of customers has increased and the team has grown (the staff tripled in size in 2017 and there are now 35 employees, with this number expected to rise to over 45 next April!).


SimpliField raised 4 million euros from Runa Capital and CapHorn in 2017 and is one of the start-ups to keep a close eye on.


Great customer experience, great products and great prices

The mobile application we have developed is designed for network coordinators, merchandising, auditing, the head office, etc.,” explains Benjamin Zenou, CEO and co-founder of SimpliField. “The aim is for everyone to collaborate on projects for introducing new collections, promotions or products in the various points of sale. It means ensuring that if the retailer has 1,000 stores, each customer who goes into any one of them will have a great customer experience and see great products at great prices.”


Aligning the teams, ensuring that processes, operations and objectives are understood and able to be applied by everyone, in a natural and intuitive way, linking the consumer experience with more extensive business actions and digitising the exchanges between the teams in the field and those at Head Office for greater responsiveness – such are the challenges SimpliField has decided to address.


Creating an economic model linked with the in-store customer experience

“Four years ago, we started with a single observation,” recalls Benjamin Zenou. “Hundreds of millions of people work in the field and in-store and are always sidelined from innovation. Retailers create concept stores brimming with all the technology and latest developments, thereby depriving 99% of the rest of the network. We’ve looked for a way of enabling a brand to bring all the innovations, operations and the customer experience it wants to create into all of its stores, by using the latest technology, such as mobile and cloud technology.


For Simplifield, it is genuinely about providing a response for the brands and retailers facing a change of model. “It makes real sense to create an economic model linked with the in-store customer experience,” emphasises Benjamin Zenou.


Visits up by 20% per month

And the results speak for themselves. The SimpliField application has a significant impact on the business of brands and retailers who use it for several months. “On average it has increased in-store visits by 20% and the number of products per till receipt by 15% every month,” announces Benjamin Zenou. “This is particularly down to the fact that a lot of good practice can be implemented in the field quickly and also down to the quality of the presentation of additional products.


80 customers, 26 countries

SimpliField now works with over 80 customers (luxury sector, cosmetics, fashion and home electronics) including the Sony group. By using the application, Sony was able to launch a large-scale operation for promoting the launch of the PlayStation VR augmented reality headset in less than a day and in 2,500 stores, as well as obtain the associated results in real time in order to optimise visibility in each point of sale.


The start-up is already present in 26 countries. A partnership has also recently been formed with Salesforce, so that the American leader has a solution directly embedded in its ecosystem of B to B tools. Goal: to reach more customers abroad.


2018 is shaping up to be very exciting, especially with the first office opening in the USA.


A partnership with Altavia

SimpliField and Altavia have recently decided to work together towards their shared objective. “A lot of retailers and brands need wide-ranging support, advice and a really good understanding of the logic behind the company’s digital transformation,” specifies Benjamin Zenou. “Thanks to its in-house coverage of all existing business areas, Altavia has the wherewithal to meet these needs, including SimpliField in the challenge of implementing this strategy. A customer that wishes to completely change the way it addresses the in-store experience, its concepts and its methods can reflect upon these with Altavia and then put it all into practice with SimpliField.”