S4M: connect brands and shoppers while reconciling the digital and physical world

S4M: connect brands and shoppers while reconciling the digital and physical world



Specialised in the optimisation and monitoring of mobile advertising campaigns, the Paris-based start-up S4M was created by Christophe Collet in 2011. It is currently continuing its international expansion and has set itself the goal of becoming the world leader in drive-to-store technology. Interview with Dominique Blanc, Managing Director France.

What solutions does S4M offer?

Dominique Blanc, Managing Director France at S4M

Dominique Blanc: S4M has created a unique advertising technology worldwide that generates, measures and optimises incremental visits to physical and online points of sale in real time. Our aim is to connect brands and shoppers while reconciling the digital and physical world. This approach is based on five pillars:

  • Comprehensive technology that reconciles the digital and physical world;
  • A new vision of geolocation-based targeting;
  • Reliable, verified and impartial measurement;
  • An exclusive and guaranteed purchase model;
  • An engaging and user-friendly experience.



Who are the start-up’s main clients?

D. B. Mainly media agencies – both big international agencies and small independent agencies. The end client is the advertiser, with whom we also work directly in some cases. We work with BtoC advertisers in all sectors. Primarily brands in the retail, FMCG, automotive, catering and tourism sectors.



Tell us about a project S4M has worked on…

D. B. As part of a mobile programmatic campaign, Subway turned to Lokall/MediaCom and the S4M mobile technology to boost restaurant visits. Together, they created a mechanism combining geolocation around points of sale, audience targeting and moment marketing to reach mobile phone users aware of the brand, at the most relevant time and place to convert them into consumers. All while providing a unique experience thanks to the Video2Store advertising format.


3.27% of those exposed to the campaign visited a Subway restaurant. I.e. a traffic increase of +46.72% compared to users not exposed to the campaign. The campaign also had an impact on visits to competitor restaurants. In one case notably, 39.44% of competitors’ consumers were drawn to a Subway restaurant.


Read about the campaign case study here: https://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/case-study-s4m-subway



What are the benefits of S4M technology for retailers?

D. B. They benefit from a unique and guaranteed purchasing model, the CPIV (Cost Per Incremental Visit), so that they only pay for concrete results: incremental visits. They also capitalise on the measurement and rationalisation of their digital advertising expenses based on incremental store traffic (physical or online). Lastly, they can take advantage of a better definition of their catchment area thanks to new data generated by smartphone geolocation.



What challenges are you expecting to face in the coming months?

D. B. We want to become the world leader in drive-to-store technology so as to help brands reconcile the digital and physical world by supplying them with digital levers able to generate concrete results at their online and offline points of sale. To reach this goal, we initially want to continue to expand internationally and strengthen our presence worldwide, particularly in the United States – the market where our activity was strongest in 2019.


Today, our technology uses mobile phones to help brands increase the number of visits to their stores. In the future, we want to expand our drive-to-store solution and offer our advertiser clients new digital levers to optimise their traffic.