Notify, the real time revolution in customer relations

Notify, the real time revolution in customer relations

Notify, la révolution du temps réel dans la relation client

Altavia recently signed a partnership with Notify, a startup brand-technology marketing agency that specialises in real-time data activation. Interview with Franck Lhuerre, CEO of Notify.

What solutions does Notify offer?

Our aim is to use technology to solve a problem that brands frequently encounter, which is the lack of visibility of email messages, mobile notifications or phone calls. The latest Experian survey showed that 81% of these messages never get read. Sending is programmed without taking recipients’ availability into account. Sending a message at 5 o’clock in the morning, for instance, is useless. We therefore looked at how to detect presence behind a screen!


So for you it was about solving the question of “when”…

Exactly! Brands know WHO to target: their customer database. They also know what message they want to send them. We created Notify to address the question of “when”, and to start a Real Time revolution in customer relationships.


How did you go about it?

We developed a technology and installed it with major media that give us real-time feedback of their traffic (20 million single visitors, for 1.5 million points of contact per month). The technology was then embedded in our customers’ marketing software (Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, and Oracle).  The aim is no longer to send out communications to everyone at the same time, but to wait for Notify to say when the right time is for each individual.


Tell us a bit about the story behind Notify…

I founded the startup with David Martins Gonçalves, who handles Technology, while I’m in charge of Marketing. We developed the solution three years ago, while David was doing his graduate studies at Harvard. Today we have 60 employees in 4 different countries – France, Spain, Brazil and Portugal.


What are the benefits for your clients who switch to Real Time?

SFR, Bouygues, Carrefour, Danone, Oui SNCF… these are some of the companies that use our solutions. They benefit from 50% more visibility and their turnover has increased by 30%.

For Oui SNCF, the challenge was to go from mass marketing to transactional marketing across their customer base, and to make their messages more visible. Our technology was built into the company’s marketing software – Adobe in this case. The result was quite spectacular, with a 95% increase in turnover.


What will be the biggest challenge for Notify in the next few months?

This year, we are launching the “Artificial Intelligence” part.  We developed algorithms in consultation with Columbia University, which specialises in AI, to predict the best time to start a conversation, depending on the products that will be promoted.


How do you see this partnership with Altavia?

Notify positions itself as a customer-relationship optimiser. Whatever the channel or the issue at stake, agencies need to offer their clients innovative solutions. By offering its clients our technology, Altavia fulfils its role as an advisor when it comes to optimising their marketing drivers. And for Notify, it’s a great opportunity to reach a large number of companies.