mangoo ID: extend the shopping experience with e-receipts

mangoo ID: extend the shopping experience with e-receipts

Offer marketing solutions based on digital receipts? That’s the idea behind mangoo ID, a Paris-based startup launched in 2016 with whom Altavia has decided to create an alliance. Interview with Charlie Chelli, CEO and founder of the company.

What concept has mangoo ID developed?

We started with a simple observation: when customers buy an item from an online store, they provide their email address right away, every time. So, pure players have a size advantage over brick-and-mortar shops. To give these last the same opportunity, we designed a solution that is built into the till software to issue a digital receipt, sent by email. The project worked right away, and several hundred shops began using it within one year.


What are the benefits of e-receipts for retailers?

First of all, the solution makes it possible to obtain 20% more customer email addresses without any loyalty programme.


Secondly, these emails have an excellent open rate: between 60% and 80%. The message about the transaction is expected, unlike a relational email like a newsletter, which will have an average open rate of 5%, or in the best cases, 15%.


Finally, the digital receipt sent by email becomes a real communications tool: we insert all sorts of interactions depending on the retailer’s needs.


In particular, customers will have the opportunity to review their shopping experience and rate the products…

Exactly. In the email, we ask the customer how the shop experience was. This email can get a response rate of up to 25%. There are many benefits: it’s a very good way to improvement shop management, and, for example, to identify which points of sale have the best-performing teams, all at once. It’s really motivating for a team to read positive reviews! Conversely, negative feedback from customers helps identify which shops require corrective measures.


It really is a way of giving voice to the 99% of satisfied customers who would otherwise say nothing while the unhappy ones rush to post a negative comment, particularly on Google.


All customers can also rate the products they bought, which raises the conversion rate on the website substantially.


What are the benefits of e-receipts for customers?

It’s a significant move to help the environment: better than a paper receipt that winds up in the rubbish! E-receipts also make returns, exchanges, warranties, and expense reports easier.


What is on the horizon for mangoo ID over the coming months?

Now that we’ve proven ourselves with brands that have 1-100 locations, we would like to work with very large accounts that have up to 500. By the end of the year, we expect to have outfitted some large chains. In addition, we will be hiring many retail business developers over the coming months!


Then, our goal will be to chase three other verticals: luxury, home appliances and furniture, and, finally, the restaurant business.


How do you see this partnership with Altavia?

Mangoo ID is in a phase of marked growth and needs a driver of business like Altavia, which works with large retail groups. From our point of view, we are able to understand new challenges facing retailers (e-commerce in particular), and to use an omni-channel approach to meet these retailers’ needs simply and very concretely.