IVS: “Cameras can provide you with much more information than you would imagine”.

IVS: “Cameras can provide you with much more information than you would imagine”.


Altavia recently formed a partnership with the startup IVS. This young company develops smart solutions in the field of image analysis and data extraction. Interview with its CEO, Franck Selve.

What sort of solutions does IVS (Intelligent Video Software) offer?

We supply data on in-store customers journey and behaviour through bricks-and-mortar shops. In fact, the whole system is based on a sensor covering 300 m2, which records and analyses people’s movements. The data gathered is then presented using an application. IVS makes the use of video images smarter and more efficient, providing retailers with an opportunity to understand, plan ahead and act.


What sort of data does the sensor record, for example?

This can concern the attractiveness of the sales outlet, namely the ratio between the number of people outside the shop and those inside. This data is calculated by comparing the Wi-Fi information detected. The sensor also records the breakdown of visits throughout the day – which among other things makes it possible to manage staff more efficiently, based on a knowledge of peak times – or the rebound rate – customers who enter the shop and leave very quickly. We also base our calculations on a heat map to identify areas where bottlenecks are located, which can point to a lack of staff, at the tills for example. Additionally, we provide information on the conversion rate for each shop section, making it easy to assess the interest generated by the products or the effectiveness of the merchandising.

The data is submitted in the form of a daily, weekly, monthly or annual report. It’s possible to compare everything and to put it into perspective thanks to a clear overview.


So your role is therefore to provide quantitative data.

We attach great importance to protecting people’s privacy, and for this reason our sensor doesn’t record any images or any personal data. We supply quantitative data, which can be used for decision-making purposes. But we are also in the process of adding an additional service: the provision of post-data advice. We recently joined the BVA group.


How did the idea for the launch of IVS come about?

My previous career really led me to create this company in May 2015. I had already worked a great deal with the web, particularly as manager of Altavia’s web department. Back then, I was involved in advising clients on their web strategies and installing Google Analytics solutions. I was then appointed as innovation manager in various companies and I realised that no one really knew what was happening in shops, such as how many people were entering and leaving without buying anything for example. Finally, I took on the position of sales director for a spin-off from the CNRS, dedicated to image processing technology. A combination of all these factors – the technology which offered the possibility to fulfil a need, the observed shortcomings in the retail sector plus my web expertise, which I was keen to transform into in-store technology – led me to launch IVS with my colleague Hervé Sergeant. Today, we have 8 staff.


Who are your clients?

We mainly work with brands such as Promod, Tape à l’œil, Furet du Nord, Undiz, Rouge-Gorge, etc. In all, 24 brands have signed up with us since the solution became available 7 months ago. The most recent contract signed: La Poste (the French Post Office).


What are the future challenges facing IVS?

2018 will chiefly be devoted to marketing the first version of the unit. We’re also keen to work on our joint Data and Advice service with the teams from BVA. Our goal is also to set up partnerships and to do this we have joined the Wetail accelerator launched by EuraTechnologies and Altavia Coach. We also hope to work with Altavia’s clients on joint problems.