Fidzup : putting retail back at the heart of sales channels

Fidzup, putting retail back at the heart of sales channels

Replacer le retail au centre du circuit de vente

Altavia recently formed a partnership with Fidzup, a startup specialising in generating in-store traffic and ‘drive to store’.

Returning retail to the heart of the sales channel. That was Olivier Magnan-Saurin and Anh Vu Nguyen’s goal when they decided to establish Fidzup back in 2011. In a time when all the digital solutions sell with the click of a mouse and physical shopping is getting left behind, this startup is perfecting an innovative solution that’s being rolled-out after 3 years of research and development. “It’s about putting intelligence back at the heart of the point of sale, to collect customer data – none of it personal* – and improve conversion rates”, explains Anissa Sersoub, Head of Marketing at Fidzup. The idea is to give physical shopping environments the chance to take advantage of their physical presence, within the framework of their communications strategy, particularly in terms of digital. The fact they’re able to make use of data collected in-store to activate local digital communications is a strong differentiator in terms of e-commerce!


In that respect, Fidzup helps retailers pivot their offline budget to online, thereby encouraging customers and prospects to come back to their stores to make a purchase. The Store to Web solution also helps them keep in touch with visitors who didn’t buy anything, to direct them to their online store.


So, have you got your Fidbox yet?

The solution is based around installing a Fidbox – just the size of a smartphone – next to the till and/or shelves, which can be picked up on a smartphone’s wifi signal. “Data including the number of visitors, the time and whether they come back again is all transmitted to our servers, which process the data to allow mobile activation”, explains Anissa Sersoub. “Our proprietary algorithms then optimise how advertising is directed, with the goal of maximising in-store visits. It’s then possible to measure the return on investment (ROI) for that customer.


Today, Fidzup has more than 140 clients, including Audi, Mercedes, Peugeot and Renault, but also the likes of La Halle, Jacadi, Petit Bateau, as well as Fnac, Darty…


3 million in raised capital

By the end of 2016, the startup was able to raise 3 million euros from Cap Horn, Turenne Capital and historic shareholders. A real boost, this allowed them to accelerate their sales and technological growth. And their goal? To become the performance-based marketing leader amongst retailers! With just 8 employees until around a year ago, today Fidzup employs some thirty people.


“Our goals, in the coming months? Recruit, develop our client portfolio, but also add new features to our solution”, says Anissa Sersoub.


And the other big challenge? Conquering international markets (USA) by very soon opening their first American office. It seems Olivier Magnan-Saurin is heading for the American continent right now…


* Information on the sex, age or social category of customers is not disclosed.