Digitaleo: the customer loyalty communication platform

Digitaleo: the customer loyalty communication platform


Rennes, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Bogotá… already present in several countries, Breton start-up Digitaleo is the successful publisher of a relational marketing solution for retail chains, based on loyalty and local marketing. Jocelyn Denis, the company’s CEO, gave us this interview.


It’s been 14 years since Digitaleo was founded…

Digital Média was created in 2004 and renamed Digitaleo 6 years later. With that background, our company has genuine maturity on the digital marketing market, but Digitaleo is also an authentic start-up!


How is this start-up spirit conveyed?

First of all, we constantly invest in R&D to improve our solutions and adapt to new uses. We also demonstrate great agility as our company, with its 70 employees, has remained a manageable size. We are also doing a great deal to develop participative management through new methods like visual management which we have just expanded across the company and the recruitment of staff by the team itself. Finally, our presence on social media and our whole way of communicating, with a focus on proximity, are a good reflection of this start-up spirit.


How has the company developed?

We’ve experienced three waves: the mobile era, during which Digitaleo was one of the most used solutions in mobile marketing in France; then a little before 2010, with the arrival of the Smartphone, we became a multichannel marketing platform; and finally, for around 2 years, Digitaleo has been helping retail chains organise their local marketing and collecting customer data through loyalty programmes and innovative solutions.


Today you have almost 4,000 clients. Who are they?

A lot of them are in the automotive industry (PSA, Porsche and Fiat dealerships, etc.) and in retail (Groupe Beaumanoir, Leclerc groups for the food superstore segment, etc.).


For example, we have been working for Adidas since early 2018 to transform the company’s loyalty programme into a relational programme – omnichannel, engaging the customer in an ambassador relationship, with service offers and so on -. We have also installed a connector on the checkout system, for exchanging customer data in real time. Finally, our local distributed marketing solution has been rolled out in 55 retail outlets; it helps franchisees run their retail outlets independently using content created by Adidas and published on our platform.


Another example is the local marketing we’ve set up for certain Leclerc groups. Content is created by the group, following a precise timetable, and is then shared with the retail outlets, which can customise it (enriched e-mails and SMS, print documents, etc.). This solution ensures best practice in retail outlets and makes everyone’s job easier at a local level.


What are the start-up’s future challenges?

This year, we would like to succeed in opening our Paris office and develop it. We also aim to raise our profile with the target audience in the distribution sector, thanks to partners like Altavia and through marketing, publications, the events we organise and so on.


What about your partnership with Altavia? How do you envisage that?

We complement each other very well in terms of our offering. Digitaleo provides distributed marketing (print, enriched e-mails and SMS) and where Ubiq organises local direct marketing on social media, we act on direct marketing. Our loyalty platform collects quality data continuously from consumers. For its part, Altavia will enable Digitaleo to make itself known to new clients and increase its chances of winning them.


Discover the interview of  Digitaleo CEO Jocelyn Denis, who was participating in the October 13th edition of the “Focus Retail, l’Hebdo” TV program, alongside CEO and founder of  Altavia Raphaël Palti.