Davi - Artificial Intelligence to humanize relationships with customers

Davi, the humanizers

davi - artificial intelligence


DAVI transforms digital relationships into human relationships


DAVI aims to make relationships between companies and customers more human, fluid and efficient by humanizing the digital interfaces in terms of appearance, behavior and language.


The startup integrates the power of Artificial Intelligence into business applications dedicated to the banking and insurance, health, tourism, distribution, industry, and transportation sectors.


Born out of a fifteen years development, the RETORIK technology can reproduce the shape, language and emotions that come with human interactions to restore a natural exchange between man and machine.


RETORIK is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology that benefits from the latest semantic web innovations. A unique lexical and semantic analyzer combined with a self-learning dictionary allows a better understanding of users’ requests in natural language.


DAVI is the only player in the sector to offer language and emotion management solutions, as well as an animation engine to bring them to life.



The Product is available on all media types:


– Hologram

– Website

– Connected Object

– Telephone (call center)

– Interactive kiosk