Critizr: empower people who deliver retail experiences every day

Critizr: empower people who deliver retail experiences every day



Helping retailers improve the customer experience they deliver by drawing on reviews collected through an omni-channel platform. That is the challenge that Critizr has set. How was the start-up created? What solutions does it offer? Who are its customers? An overview of Critizr in 8 points!

1. Once upon a time there was Critizr

The start-up was founded in 2012 by Nicolas Hammer and Thibaut Carlier, both convinced of the need to allow customers at all points of sale to give feedback on their experience or purchase and to give the managers of these points of sale the means to consult these reviews and respond. The Critizr application was thus born, bringing together a large community of users (200,000).



2. From B2C to B2B

What solutions can it propose to local teams consulting their customer reviews? How to allow big brands to initiate an optimised customer feedback system and draw on customer reviews to improve the experience they deliver? To meet these new expectations, Critizr is switching from B2C to B2B and launching its Feedback Management platform.



3. The Feedback Management platform

We were sure that the customer experience provided by a company is only optimised if it takes into account all stakeholders in customer feedback”, says Nicolas Hammer. Indeed, who better than the teams at the sales points, on site, to test the level of customer satisfaction and understand how to enhance it?”. With its analysis and customer satisfaction management platform, Critizr gives them the tools to measure satisfaction. The aim?  Activate swift and tangible improvements.



4. Over 80 customers

Carrefour and Total were Critizr’s first customers. Since then, the number of contracts has multiplied. The Customer Feedback Management platform has been rolled out at 30,000 establishments (stores, beauty institutes, garages, bank and travel agencies, etc.), in 20 different industries (food distribution, beauty, DIY, banking, services). Its 80 customers include Nocibé, Monoprix, Thomas Cook, Leroy Merlin, Flunch and Galeries Lafayette.



5. The age of action

The use of the Feedback Management platform allows Critizr customers access to various benefits. They can notably:


  • optimise the customer experience by analysing their strengths and areas for improvement;
  • personalise the customer relationship: managers of points of sale can talk to their customers and provide replies and a solution adapted to the matter in question;
  • strengthen the link between head office and the local store by involving and engaging all employees within a company in customer feedback and satisfaction measurement;
  • maintain their e-reputation by optimising their local referencing (the famous Google stars);
  • enhance their customer knowledge and marketing performance (send the right message, to the right person, at the right time).


We created Critizr to bring companies out of the age of measurement and into the age of action”, says Nicolas Hammer, co-founder and CEO of Critizr. Our solution is designed to be used by all employees, on the ground and at head office, in order to involve the entire company in a customer feedback process. The aim is to incorporate our solution into the day-to-day routine of store managers and to use it as a steering tool for directors. The idea is to enable them to introduce concrete improvements to the customer experience”.



6. The international stage

As of 2017, Klepierre and Grand Vision have brought Critizr onto the international stage by rolling out the solution within the two groups’ various subsidiaries. Just 18 months later, the Critizr is now used in 25 countries.


In light of the needs of prospects and customers abroad, Critizr is adapting its strategy and recruiting German and English personnel based in Cologne and London.


Critizr has also recruited a former commercial director from Oracle, one of the world software leaders, to support the company’s European growth.


50 positions are set to be filled in 2019 and mainly concern profiles with an international dimension.



7. 80 employees

Today, Critizr has 80 employees at 4 offices (Lille – Paris – London – Cologne).



8. The partnership with Altavia

Altavia and Critizr recently joined forces. The partnership will allow them to pool their expertise in the fields of Retail and Technology, in order to identify opportunities for development and promotion.