Altavia Group has signed a partnership agreement with ClicknDress, the first clothing recommendation service based on the customer’s morphology. ClicknDress facilitates the purchasing through shopping experience personalization and customer journey optimization.



For more than thirty years, Altavia has been committed to helping the group’s 300 clients, retailers and brands, including ready-to-wear players seeking innovative solutions, to tighten the links they maintain with their own customers by improving their shopping experience.


When, in the clothing sector, the average e-commerce conversion rate barely exceeds 2%, customer journey optimization has become a major issue for brands and merchants who moreover boast product return rates up to 40%.


Based on this observation, ClicknDress was created in 2014 through the will of founders Cathy Xicluna and Ous Ouzzani  to help  e-shoppers chose the right clothes on the basis of their Morphological profile.


Less than 3% error rate


By the means of its algorithm and solely based on simple data such as age, height and weight, the ClicknDress technology is able to precisely define the customer’s morphological profile. Waist and chest size, shoulder width and even arm length or hand size: 15 measurements are attributed to the user, with an error rate of less than 3%. Customers only have to answer a few basic questions to be recommended clothes corresponding perfectly to their morphology, according to the size grids of the different brands listed on the Website.


A strong performance lever for brands and e-merchants


In addition to these tailor-made recommendations, ClicknDress also offers e-retailers the possibility to customize their CRM according to the morphological profile, the size, the style and the clothing tastes of their customers, either on-site through the implementation of a personalized navigation based on the customer’s profile, or off-site, via personalized newsletters that allow retailers to address targeted and personalized offers according to the client’s morphological profile.


Thanks to all the qualified data collected by the service, ClicknDress considerably enriches customer knowledge, enabling retailers to adapt their offer to satisfy consumers and improve their business KPIs. With ClicknDress, retail adapts to buyers, and not the other way round!


Available via a consumer web site, iOS and Android mobile apps, but also on partner’s ecommerce websites and physical stores, through its plug-in and instore solution, ClicknDress represents a real benefit for consumers  in terms of purchasing experience, and thus constitutes a strong lever of performance and customer loyalty for fashion retailers: personalized advice, customer reassurance and satisfaction, increase in average baskets and conversion rates, decrease in returns rates.