CityMeo: transforming screens into powerful communication devices.

CityMeo: transforming screens into powerful communication devices.

Equipe Citymeo

Altavia recently signed a partnership with Toulouse-based start-up Cenareo which specialises in dynamic screen displays.


Giving a new purpose to the screens dotted around shopping centres and companies—that was the challenge software engineers David Keribin, Josselyn Hermitte, Antoine Lubineau, and James Packer set themselves. “We all realised that these screen displays were underutilised, not used at all, and often even turned off,” explains David Keribin, CEO of Cenareo. “The technology used to manage screen systems is complicated and difficult to use. We came up with a simple, flexible solution for managing screen displays.” Cenareo was set up in 2012 in Toulouse.


A lightweight 80-gramme box

The solution is made up of a video player and an SaaS management platform. It can be set up in less than a minute, and you don’t need prior technical knowledge to use it. “It’s an 80-gramme box used to connect all screens,” explains David Keribin. “Everything can be done remotely. Users create whatever information or promotion they want to be displayed, which is then sent to our servers and automatically displayed on the screens according to the selected criteria.” Customers don’t pay for the installation of the box but take out a subscription for content management.


Who are Cenareo’s customers?

  • Advertising companies who rent space in public areas and monetise the displays by featuring local or national advertisements
  • Retailers (Leclerc, Axa, pub chains, etc.) who want to advertise their products or brand in their points of sale. “The main advantage for retailers using our solution is that they can advertise at a national or even international scale, making store managers on-the-ground brand ambassadors,” adds David Keribin
  • Companies, for in-house communications (SNCF, Veolia, EDF, Engie, amongst others)




Purple patch

“Last year our team grew from 9 to 18 people,” adds David Keribin. “Our turnover tripled from €300,000 to €1 million. 3,000 boxes are in use in 10 more countries.”


2017 was also an opportunity to work on improving the product and making it easier to roll out. Shell installed the solution across 250 petrol stations in Spain in less than 2 weeks.


2018 is set to be just as good. 20 new recruits have joined the Cenareo team, and turnover is set to triple once more to €3.5 million. “We’ve just raised €2.5 million in capital from CapHorn Invest,” reveals David Keribin. “We’ve now got the resources to tackle the European retail market. Lots of networks are currently set up, but not all. This financing should help fund technological advancements. Innovation is at the heart of our business.”


The Cenareo solution will develop over time, particularly in terms of advertising intelligence. This will involve looking into how to encourage customers to interact with screens and to determine what data to share. Statistical and analytical systems will help advertisers refine messaging in real-time. “Visitors can use a button or touch the screen to change the display. Information such as energy consumption or products available in storage and up-to-date weather info can be displayed in real time,” adds David Keribin.



Altavia and Cenareo recently signed a partnership agreement. “We launched the solution 5 years ago and quickly achieved great success, but we’ve still got a lot to learn,” admits David Keribin. “The partnership with Altavia will give us access to unique market expertise, different approaches and different stakeholders in the audiovisual retail market. This will be of particular importance this year, as we’re aiming to launch indirect sales. We’ve just signed a distribution agreement with Sharp!”