Captain Wallet: the new relational channel on mobile phones

Captain Wallet: the new relational channel on mobile phones


The Paris-based start-up was founded in 2013 and has since become the specialist in the dematerialization of loyalty cards and customer relations via mobile phone. Interview with Axel Detours, co-founder alongside Alexandre Pichon and Bertrand Leroy, of Captain Wallet.


What solutions does Captain Wallet currently propose?

The technology that we have managed to put in place allows brands to connect their customer relations management (CRM) to their customer’s mobile phones. This is a key challenge for all brands. Our solution does require the installation of yet another application but functions by native electronic wallets, present on smartphones, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. These wallets obviously allow people to make payments on a website and in the real world, but also to store discount vouchers, loyalty cards, invitations, e-bookings, etc. Basically we offer the dematerialization of all the direct marketing tools on an appli that is already installed on the customer’s mobile.


Which means no development or maintenance tasks for the brands?

Exactly, all they have to do is define the settings of the platform created by Captain Wallet.


What does your solution do once the direct marketing tools have been dematerialized?

The mails sent by the brands, presenting a new offer for example, include a button marked “save the offer on your mobile”. The customer just has to click on it and the offer is added to the wallet. To avoid filling the wallet with vouchers that will never be used, a notification system has been put in place, to regularly remind the customer what is in the wallet. Captain Wallet is a new relational channel on a mobile! And with a huge advantage: no effort is needed to create it.


Who do you work for?

Our clients are mainly from the retail sector. Our technology, which allows us to be present in customers’ mobile phones, is very interesting for retailers who need to build a bridge between the real and digital worlds. Captain Wallet currently counts thirty or so clients including Picard, Europcar, Etam, Interflora, Franprix, Jacadi, Intersport, and more.


What are the advantages for a retailer?

Thanks to the new relational channel on mobile phones represented by Captain Wallet, our clients see, on average, a 7% increase in their average shopping basket; and purchasing recurrence also increases by 7% on average.


Last July, you raised €2 million, and Carving Labs became Captain Wallet. What are your plans for the coming months?

We are entering an important phase of recruitment in the sectors of innovation, client support, sales and marketing. We are going to go from 9 employees to between 15 and 20 in the very near future.


Concerning the product itself, a new version of the platform will soon be available with lots of new features allowing brands to be even more easily and massively present on their customers’ mobiles.


In the second half of 2018, Captain Wallet will also be partnering the launch of Google Pay in France, which is a very eagerly awaited and important event!


Finally, in 2019, we plan to conquer European markets, particularly the UK and Spain.


How do you see the partnership with Altavia?

Working with an established name like Altavia is an asset, especially for making contact with new clients. Meanwhile, Captain Wallet, thanks to its ties with the two giants Apple and Google, is a valuable partner.