BEYABLE: harnessing 100% of its traffic

BEYABLE: harnessing 100% of its traffic



Founded in 2014 by engineers Julien Dugaret and Florian Papillon, BEYABLE develops and markets a marketing platform designed to increase the profitability of e-commerce websites and brands and enable them to personalise their relationship with the customer during their visit to the web/mobile site. We take a closer look at the Parisian start-up with which Altavia has recently formed a partnership.

A website is a “mine of information and opportunities”, but you still have to know that they are there and what to do with them. This is where BEYABLE steps in with its “predictive marketing solution designed to improve user engagement, intelligently manage users abandoning the site and introduce a customer relations strategy that covers all visitors to the site, including the many anonymous visitors it attracts”.



How BEYABLE came about

One of the tasks I was entrusted with over the course of my previous professional experience was increasing the website conversion rate”, Julien Dugaret recalls. “I was consistently asked to buy twice as much traffic in an attempt to double this rate. Of course, the conversion rate did increase, but so did the abandonment rate, and I thought that was a real shame. At the time, though, we could afford such an ‘extravagance’, since acquisition costs were lower and there was less online competition”.


Julien Dugaret and Florian Papillon thus decided to create BEYABLE with a view to developing marketing tools designed to increase conversion rates for e-commerce websites. “We firmly believe that a website is a mine of information and opportunities”, Julien Dugaret explains. “But how do you identify this information and quickly capitalise on the data? It’s difficult to obtain relevant information using web analytics tools, where you are limited to statistical volumes. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve: to switch from intuition-based marketing to data-driven marketing and from product-oriented marketing to user-focused marketing”.



18 months to develop the BEYABLE technology

The challenge, if they were to keep this promise, was to score user engagement in real time. Not only engagement but also distraction, hesitation and abandonment, among other factors, which is why it took 18 months to bring the tool to market.


BEYABLE now makes it possible to understand visitors’ purchase intentions in real time, regardless of whether or not they are logged in, and to stimulate some with the right message thanks to its personalisation function based on a whole host of indicators taken from the customer journey and tailored scenarios. “All of the visitors that a site attracts will behave differently”, Julien Dugaret explains. “So why would we treat them all the same? An existing customer and a prospective customer should never receive the same offers. The best thing about BEYABLE is that it scores customers with great precision and has developed a display engine that helps to streamline the customer experience, currently the most flexible and powerful engine on the European market”.


Beyond sales and leads, website traffic is a valuable yet rather overlooked source of wealth, but with BEYABLE it is possible to harness this wealth represented by website traffic in order to improve client acquisition costs, boost traffic to points of sale that need it the most and even tailor your management of cart abandonment and reduce after-sales service costs.



Retail and other markets

The retail sector accounts for three-quarters of BEYABLE’s client base (in the furniture, decoration, off-the-peg fashion, tourism, among others), with Fly, GiFi, Mellow Yellow, A.P.C. and even Carrefour Voyages all using the BEYABLE technology. The start-up has also been working with a number of players in the food industry (such as Bonduelle) and the property development market. “A growing number of service companies are also using our tools, either all year round or at key points in their calendars, Julien Dugaret adds.



The next challenges

The start-up hopes to develop its operations with brands and service providers. “We also aim to take the customer space personalisation aspect further”, Julien Dugaret affirms. “Our technology is currently very effective when it comes to winning new customers, by personalising the different components of the customer’s purchase pathway and by providing a real online service that provides the equivalent of what the consumer would get in store thanks to the involvement of a salesperson. The next step? Tackling all of the connected customer relations spaces”.


Another of the challenges facing BEYABLE is supporting customers outside of France. “Partnerships with internationally renowned, professional and mature companies like Altavia will help us to make this initiative a success”, Julien Dugaret confirms. “BEYABLE has been doubling its turnover year after year, but the fact that we have been funding growth ourselves has meant that we cannot be everywhere and do everything at once. With Altavia coordinating our operations, we can consider projects involving key accounts on a national, European and even global level.